CBD: MG, ML, %'s ...huh?

The standards for understanding what you are getting concerning CBD can be confusing. You may see 150mg, 20mg, 12ml, 7% and prices from $10 to $200 for what seems like the same product. What does it all mean?

  Think of alcohol and "proofs" and you will begin to understand more. You can purchase a pint of grain alcohol that's "100 Proof" for $10 or a pint of wine that is "7 Proof" for $100. Why?! The alcohol content is much greater in the grain... why isn't it more? You're getting closer to understanding how CBD works.

Although there are no "intoxicating effects" of CBD oils, there are different concentrations and quality of CBD itself. Different processes, different plants, different extraction methods. It may be easier to think in terms of percentages and quality. You can purchase a 12ml Bottle (volume) that contains 100mg of CBD oil. You can also purchase a 12ml Bottle (again, we're talking volume) that contains 500mg (concentration).

More importantly all CBD extracts are NOT created equal. (yes, this makes it more confusing ; ( 10mg of one product may not have the same effect of another 10mg dose. It all depends on the quality and the extraction  methods (more on this later).

So, how much to take? Later we will discuss amounts for different "uses" and why. Our existing products and future products all contain dosage charts that are designed specifically for dogs and from years of testing. Dosage charts (for humans) from the Mayo Clinic range from 1mg to 1500mg per day for different conditions (from sleep disorders to schizophrenia) You can see why there is a big range of different concentrations and amounts. 

How do you pick? If you have a particular condition you are looking to "solve" trial and error works best. Start with lower doses and see how it goes. Stay away from offers that sound too good to be true and the "used car" salesman approach (flashy marketing) to lure you in. Read the specs, look at the label and you'll find something that works perfect for you.

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