Dog Aging: Symptoms & Relief

cbd dog treats for dog aging symptomsWitnessing your dog aging is a process of discovery and overcoming. The inevitability of getting old affects all of us, including our pets, and navigating this process in a healthy way is essential for experiencing a good quality of life into the golden years. CBD dog treats can help mitigate the effects of dog aging and in the process provide everyday life support.

Symptoms of Dog Aging

Dog aging symptoms mimic our own [humans] in many ways. A little grey mixes into the hair, not quite as spry; and a little more napping...perhaps aging can be sweet.

Though, dog aging symptoms can also pose an extraordinary challenge. Distinguishing age related from non-age related health conditions can be evasive and symptoms can mimic one another. Joint pain, for instance, can be caused by genetics and occur in young dogs. There are, however, some predictable ailments an aging dog may experience.

Common Conditions Associated with Dog Aging


Osteoarthritis is an inflammatory condition that affects the joints. As dogs age, the cartilage in their joints can become thin and the resulting friction causes inflammation. Chronic inflammation leads to pain and decreased mobility.

Chronic Infections

Dog aging increases the burden on their immune system. One result of a compromised immune system can be an increase in the risk of infection. Infections are an inflammatory response to an incursion of microorganisms not normally present in a dog’s body. All systems can be affected by infection and chronic infections can decrease the life expectancy and quality of life for dogs.


Dog aging impacts their metabolism. As a dog’s metabolism slows, so does their energy level and their capacity for exercise. Lack of exercise without appropriate adjustments to diet can lead to obesity. Obesity can come with a host of bigger problems including hypertension, lethargy and depression.

When is a dog considered “old”?

Life expectancy for dogs depends on their breed. Generally speaking, the larger the breed the shorter their lifespan. A dog is considered, “senior,” during the last quarter of their life expectancy according to their breed.

What if I do not know when when my dog was born?

Many owners do not know their dogs' birthday. The best bet for accurately determining your dog’s age is a trip to the vet. A skilled veterinarian will be able to help by first having a look at the dog’s teeth. The younger the dog the easier it is to deduce their approximate age. As a dog ages, they move from baby teeth to adult teeth and the adult teeth will develop plaque over time. However, if the owner diligently cares for their dog’s teeth, then that will have to be factored into the equation as well.

Caring for Dog Aging

Dog aging is inevitable but conditions commonly associated with dog aging can potentially be prevented. A healthy diet and regular exercise are essential throughout a dog’s life but senior citizens deserve special consideration in these departments.

As dog age, regular and non vigorous exercise becomes increasingly important. Joint mobility, metabolism and mood are all positively impacted via regular exercise. When a dog is so old that even walking is painful, then some owners will turn to canine massage to help maintain circulation, mobility and mood.

Diet also plays a crucial role in caring for elderly dogs. As mentioned above, obesity can become a problem for senior dogs. As their capacity for exercise decreases, so will the amount of calories they are able to burn. You can combat the threat of obesity and its associated problems simply by decreasing the volume of food your dog eats in its senior years.

Supplementing a dog’s diet with hemp oil for dogs is a simple and effective way to mitigate symptoms associated with dog aging

The active ingredient in hemp oil for dogs is CBD, or cannabidiol, which is renown for its medicinal properties.

In the case of dog aging, inflammation is a common complaint that comes in many forms, from joint pain to infection. Hemp oil for dogs is a powerful anti-inflammatory nutritional supplement that can help ease the pain associated with inflammatory conditions. Likewise, CBD oil supports healthy metabolism and can therefore decrease the chance of a dog becoming obese.

CBD dog treats are the most simple and effective way to incorporate hemp oil for dogs into a dietary regimen. Colorado Dog Company's tasty CBD dog treats are perfectly-formulated for the most common ailments--so there’s no need to sift through tons of options--they’re all great for dog aging and wellness. 


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