Finding the Right Dog Cancer Treatment

With many options available, it's hard to know which way to go for dog cancer treatment. 

If there was a dog cancer treatment that didn’t come with scary side effects and didn’t break the bank you would probably try it, right?

Alternative Dog Cancer TreatmentsWhile we all know a sure-fire dog cancer treatment doesn’t exist, we are mostly aware as dog owners that some treatment options are riskier than others--risky in how they will effect the dog and risky in how much the treatment will end up costing us. Since there are no guaranteed dog cancer treatment options, it is important to understand what options are available as well as to know as much as you can about each of them. This will allow you to make the most informed decision about which dog cancer treatment options are best to try.

It’s not commonly expressed knowledge but in human cancer cases 50% of chemotherapy patients die from the treatment itself. Surgery, radiation and chemotherapy are the most commonly accepted therapies in traditional medicine; all of which come with potentially lethal side effects. Not to mention if you’re without good medical coverage it will come with a high price tag as well.

About 50% of dogs die from cancer. Human and dog cancer health statistics are fascinatingly similar (we do live similar lifestyles, after all). Now, the difference between the two is that for the most part we do not carry health insurance for dogs. And vet bills for a case of cancer can exceed that for humans.

So we have two major issues here: 1. half of us will experience our dog having cancer and 2. the cost for care will be astronomical (not to mention the emotional toll of seeing your dog suffer or having to--dare I say it--put him down because you cannot afford treatment).

Now, best case scenario is that you’re able to treat (cure) your dog’s cancer! This is always a fortunate story. It does happen, though, and is usually via a combination of treatment options and lifestyle choices. With the disease as it is, typically what it comes down to in the case of cancer is targeting, managing and treating symptoms.

Cancer comes with a host of symptoms including pain, emotional instability, lack of appetite, mental incapacities, gastrointestinal issues and the list goes on… it can be debilitating. Much of dealing with cancer is symptom management. Finding relief for each of the above can be the difference between life and death and living with minimal suffering.

As dog owners, our responsibility is to give our beloved furry friend the best reasonable effort. Love, affection, social interaction and providing a healthy lifestyle to the best of our ability is really we all can ask to accomplish, and it is indeed enough.

A comprehensive approach to dog cancer treatment yields the best results. Adopting a holistic mindset and not seeking a silver bullet will undoubtedly be more effective at providing Fido with the best life possible. Considering the multiple layers and pillars of health: mental, physical, emotional, etc. is a proactive approach that has been shown to offer a better life. While it’s important to always give Fido the love, affection and physical activity he craves, it becomes even more crucial in the case of dog cancer. Same goes for sleep, exercise and nutrition--all pieces to the puzzle of health and happiness.

Colorado Dog Company’s dog treats are supplemental and include healthy hemp-based ingredients shown to treat a manage a variety of ailments related to cancer.

They can’t hurt nor harm and only help your pup (not to mention they’re tasty!). These hemp biscuits are affordable, low-risk, and assist specifically with managing many of common dog cancer symptoms. There is even evidence of hemp-based products lowering the risk of developing cancer--and even treating cancer! We can’t deny how amazing it is that one plant can do so much. And so these products are a great option when searching for dog cancer treatments. They address multiple symptoms and also offer the possibility of curing.

There’s no reason not to try all of them.

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