Hemp Biscuits for Dogs - Treat Your Dog AND their Health

Hemp biscuits for dogs may seem like a woo-woo excuse to try something risky on your pet. But really, hemp biscuits are one of the best ways to supplement your dog’s health. And since you’re going to give your dog treats (because you love your furry friend), you may as well support their health while you’re at it.

The hemp plant is used for many purposes. As an industrial crop, it is used to produce clothes, beauty products, supplements, plastics, rope, paper and more. Considered a renewable resource, hemp is also a good crop for the environment. Though the derivative plant has been legalized for many purposes in Colorado, as hemp is produced and used, it does not induce any psychoactive effectsThe negative stigma around the plant may be unfounded and it’s worth looking into its many benefits. Namely, the health benefits of hemp. Hemp and its many forms support the body and does not interfere with any other medications. Hemp also does not come with negative side effects. There are not many, if any, prescription medications you can say that about!

While our dogs suffer from similar ailments as humans do, we are faced with options and choices for how to offer a healthy and happy life for them. Over the lifetime of dogs, prescription medications can add up to tens of thousands of dollars. Natural remedies including hemp have been shown to support in varying degrees a more positive and comfortable experience at a fraction of the cost.

Hemp oil and other related products are commonly used to promote physical, emotional and mental wellbeing. Hemp oil can help alleviate symptoms and even treat in some cases a variety of ailments ranging from physical pain to emotional distress.

Hemp biscuits are an easy-to-administer way to help alleviate mental and emotional issues in dogs such as anxiety and stress. Symptoms of anxiety and stress seen in our dogs can include destructive and aggressive behaviors such as hyperactivity, excessive barking, abnormal urination and obsessive scratching. Physical issues such pain and inflammation--which can show up in dogs as stiffness, discomfort and distress--can also be diminished with the pass-off of a biscuit.

Hemp biscuits are healthy treats that do not harm our furry friends. Most dog treats include an exorbitant amount of chemicals and should really be considered poison. How would you like to be fed McDonald’s every day? Ok, maybe you would, but it wouldn’t be good for you and as your guardian, I wouldn’t allow for it. So what we’ve done is combined the joy of treat-giving with the components needed to support dogs in their health. And they turned out pretty tasty if our Fidos may say so themselves.

Colorado Dog Company’s Hemp Biscuits for Dogs are 100% free of toxins and scary chemicals. Hemp biscuits for dogs are a safe and natural supplement rolled up in a tasty treat. With different products to target different ailments, your bases are covered.

Relief Treats. Hemp biscuits for dogs specially formulated for arthritis, helping with hip and joint pain. As the name suggests, they provide relief.

Zen Treats. These treats have been shown to help with dog anxiety, stress and behavioral issues.

EcoFlea. An all-natural way to keep ticks and fleas off your dog. As you know, harsh chemicals should not be applied to skin. Never. These hemp biscuits are the best and safest way to protect your dog against fleas and ticks.

Thrive Treats. Yes, immune system. Yes, the second brain. These treats support a healthy gut and are both prebiotic and probiotic.

Learn more about how hemp biscuits for dogs can help and why they are so popular.

Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Information contained or made available through the ColoradoDog website is not intended to constitute or substitute for legal advice or veterinary advice.

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