Hemp Seed Oil for Dogs - A Case Study

I love hemp seed oil...but will my dog love it too?

hemp seed oil for dogsWith possible misunderstandings about hemp seed oil floating around, we wanted to consult a pro--a connoisseur of healthy consumables who would know best about the health benefits of hemp seed oil. So we asked a vegan chef. Why?
Because this chef knows about hemp seed oil AND he loves his dog. How the benefits of hemp seed oil translate to dogs, we thought, he also would know.

Michael Peterson has been a chef since high school. From kitchen to kitchen, his path to adulthood was clear, but he didn't know how involved in health and wellness he'd become. Nutrition is health. And what you put in your body is of utmost importance.

His best friend is his dog, Billie, a Black Labrador he rescued from a nearby humane society. With a background of neglect and possible abuse, Billie was not the most friendly or easy-to-live-with dog. She barked at everything, chewed incessantly and didn't sleep well. While Peterson doesn't claim hemp seed oil is a miracle worker, the evidence is strikingly clear.

What made you give your dog hemp seed oil?

My daily salad these days consists of arugula, spinach, kale, carrots, hemp seeds, and pumpkin seeds. For a dressing I have a new favorite – champagne vinegar and hemp seed oil. So delicious… not to even mention all the health benefits of hemp seed oil.

I usually feed Billie at the same time I make my salad and the thought occurred to me, “why not drizzle some of my delicious and nutritious dressing over her food?”

My normal feeding routine is some high-quality dry kibble mixed with a little hot water from the kettle to soften it up, make it a little more palatable and less hard and crunchy. To this end, and in the interest of overall health for my dog, this morning I took my own hemp seed oil dressing and drizzled a couple ounces over my dog’s breakfast.

What makes hemp seed oil so great?

Hemp seed oil is renowned among health and wellness enthusiasts for its richness in essential fatty acids, Omega-3, 6 and 9. “Essential” because two of these fatty acids, linoleic and alpha-linolenic, cannot be synthesized in the body and must be derived from our diets.

Good quality oils are a crucial part of any diet and nutritionally speaking, hemp seed oil is king. The benefits of hemp seed oil for humans include hormonal and neurological balance, radiant skin and a robust immune system.

Do the same benefits of hemp seed oil apply to dogs?

Let me tell you, after a week of this practice, drizzling about 1-2 liquid ounces of hemp seed oil over my dog’s meals, I noticed more energy, a shinier coat and better sleep patterns. I was not surprised that the benefits I noticed in my own life yielded some of the same benefits in my dog.

How much hemp seed oil do you give your dog?

Holistic medicine touts that what is commonly reasonable is an appropriate dosage. Which means that a “drizzle” over the top is sensibly equal to an appropriate dose. Too much oil on a salad is noticeable and kind of gross. Too little is ineffective. Turns out that an ounce or two--depending on the size of your dog and the portions you feed them--is just about perfect for both flavor and health benefits.

You said you tried Colorado Dog’s Thrive Treats, why?

When I heard about Colorado Dog Company’s hemp biscuits, I was intrigued because they seemed to be an even better option to what I was currently doing. Number one was finding out how many additional health benefits my dog receives by eating these biscuits. My favorite being probiotics because they are the secret to a healthy gut for humans and dogs alike. Number two is that it’s a treat! Meals are good but treats are way better. And I feel great knowing that the hemp biscuits are contributing to my dog’s health. Number three, the hemp treats are clean, convenient and consistent. I’ll probably still drizzle oil over her food, because I think she really likes it, but having the biscuits around is easy, fun and great for my dog.  

Any last words about hemp seed oil for your dog?

My greatest joy is seeing my dog play with other dogs and run endless sprints back and forth and around every single playmate at the dog park. After a week of drizzling hemp seed oil over my dog’s food and including Colorado Dog’s Thrive Treats in her diet, her increase in energy was so noticeable that my dog park friends would literally ask me, “What are you putting in her food?!” I love how simple my answer is, “Hemp seed oil and hemp biscuits!”

My dog and I share a lot--including my bed--and now we’re sharing even more: a diet rich in hemp oil and all the benefits therein! A little common sense goes a long way, and simply sharing my salad dressing with my best friend has changed both our lives for the better.


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