Welcome to my Blog!

Welcome to my Blog! I'm Taya - I moved to the USA a month ago. I graduated from The Medical College in Russia and during the last 15 years have been dealing with dogs, as a Labrador breeder of FCI, as a volunteer for rescuing homeless dogs and a person who tried to change laws to protect pets in Russia.

So, most of my blogs will be devoted to life with dogs, their health and training. I would like also to share my thoughts about the difference in terms and conditions of keeping pets, treatments and participating in dog-shows, prices for breed dogs.

I apologize in advance for my non-perfect English, hope you'll find it funny while I'm doing my best in it ))

So, first let me introduce our pets: Maltese Bolognese Mojo, he's about 5, shiatsu Bundles black Labrador Ricarda Russa Belezza aka Rica (she's the second generation of my labradors) almost 9 years and my lovely yellow Labrador Stenveyz Forever And A Day aka Mila - 4 years old.

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