Panosteitis (Pano) Symptoms & Relief for your Dog

What is Panosteitis (Pano) and Should I Be Worried about my Dog? Dog breeders have talked about Panosteitis (Pano) for generations.

Many breeders think of Pano as "growing pains" but that description is not totally accurate, although it is helpful for a shorthand explanation. Pano usually manifests around six to eighteen months but can manifest earlier or later. The painful symptoms typically last two to six months.

While Pano is generally not considered serious or life-threatening, it can be alarming to see our dogs writhe in pain from an unknown ailment. Large, long-boned dogs tend to suffer from Pano more than small or toy breeds.

Perhaps the most disturbing aspect of Pano is lameness in one or both of your dog's legs. While lameness is the most common symptom dogs may also appear to be shifting from leg to another.

What Should I Do To Help My Dog?
Consider soothing your dog's pain by ordering some all natural, hemp oil ZenTreats.
This special formulation can help ease your dog's pain and anxiety around the pain of Pano that is often confusing and distressing to canines.

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