Why Homeopathic Flea Treatment for Dogs is Best

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Got fleas?

They’re not fun for anyone, especially your dog. And if you happen to cuddle your dog…well, you’ll likely also get a flea bite or two as well--even less fun! Fleas and ticks are common and many pets will get them at some point in their lives. Their warm bodies and coats provide the perfect home for these blood-sucking leapers. There are many different options for treatment, from folk remedies to fumigation, but what really works? The answer here lies in the simplicity of prevention, or the homeopathic way.

Conventional flea treatment

Conventional treatment for fleas and ticks include chemicals that range in toxicity. Ever wonder why a flea collar is a popular option? Because it is situated around your dog’s neck--a spot where they are less likely to be able to lick, and therefore ingest toxic chemicals. Other forms of conventional flea treatments include shampoos, aerosol sprays, powders and fumigation “bombs”. The problem with all of these options is, again, toxicity. While some are safer than others, remember these solutions are designed to kill living creatures and contain chemicals that are not safe for either you or your dog.

Homeopathic flea and tick treatment for dogs

Homeopathic flea and tick treatments also range widely, from apple cider vinegar spray to pine tar soap baths. Neither are too appealing because who wants their dog, and anything they touch, smelling of vinegar or pine tar? Also among the many other homeopathic flea and tick treatments for dogs are essential oils--rosemary, eucalyptus and lemongrass to name a few. These oils definitely smell better than vinegar or pine tar, but concentrated essential oils need to be used with caution because many will actually irritate your dog’s skin or cause an allergic reaction. And if you think essential oils smell strong to you, imagine how strong they smell to your dog!

Topical solutions are less than optimal because you’re trying to manage a problem that already exists. Ideally, prevention is the best approach. On the preventative side, homeopathic remedies consistently point to a key player—regular, homeopathic doses of foods that create an environment unsuitable for fleas in the first place.

Therefore, the most successful regimen for homeopathic flea and tick treatments is not topical, but internal, and works from the inside-out. As the nutrients build in the body, the dog becomes an environment unsuitable for fleas and ticks to thrive. Beginning with a healthy diet and effective supplements, homeopathic flea treatments are a holistic approach that merge aspects of folk remedies and modern ingenuity. Fleas tend to favor unhealthy hosts, so rule number one is a healthy diet and lifestyle.

Healthy diet and lifestyle

A proper diet includes B vitamins, which help to metabolize fats and proteins and strengthen and optimize all bodily systems. Also, garlic helps by making dogs’ blood unpalatable to fleas. Brewer’s yeast (a great source of B vitamins) and garlic are well-known effective supplements to prevent fleas in a non-toxic way. Regular, homeopathic doses of these ingredients help to manage fleas in the best possible way--preventatively. Over time the cumulative effect of this homeopathic approach has fleas looking for a different host.

Inclusive in a healthy lifestyle that prevents fleas and ticks for your dog is of course regular exercise and consistent grooming. And even if you don’t notice excessive scratching or biting, a flea comb (available at most pet stores) is not a bad idea to have around. An occasional brushing may yield that one stray flea or tick your dog happened to pick up at the dog park. And catching that one flea or tick can prevent a much bigger problem.

Prevention is King

As the weather gets warmer, fleas and ticks begin to proliferate and the consequences for your dog can mean weeks or months of discomfort or disease. Fleas can introduce tapeworms or cause skin infections from all the scratching and biting. As for ticks...does Lyme disease sound familiar? It’s best to take action now and stop these critters from wanting to choose your dog in the first place.


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