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ZenSpray: Highest Quality Hemp Oil
ZenSpray: Highest Quality Hemp Oil
ZenSpray: Highest Quality Hemp Oil
ZenSpray: Highest Quality Hemp Oil

ZenSpray: Highest Quality Hemp Oil

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The smartest and most effective way to deliver the highest quality hemp oil now comes in a spray. No more forcing your dogs mouth open. No more trying to mix with a dropper and hoping your dog doesn't eat his way around it. A simple spray on top of your dogs daily food guarantee's its consumed - 100% - safely.

Say goodbye to causing potential harm (physically or mentally) to you or your dog. In a hurry? You will find our specially designed spray nozzle can also easily and quickly be sprayed direct into your dogs mouth.

You get 1oz of the highest quality industrial hemp from France utilizing male plant stalks and leaves only - No seeds and contains zero THC. Batches are 3rd party tested and is processed with no solvents - we only extract using co2. Rated natural and has ZERO other by-products or fillers - extremely clean.

ZenSpray® is human grade ❤️

Potential Benefits for Dogs Include
• Improving general wellness and health
• Reducing inflammation
• Increasing muscle repair after strenuous exercise
• Improving circulation
• Promoting bone growth
• Reducing pain
• Reducing stress and anxiety (including separation anxiety)
• Reducing nausea
• Stimulating appetite
• Lowering blood sugar levels
• Minimizing aggression disorders and noise phobias
• Combating degenerative diseases and aging
• Increasing cognitive function
• Reducing or helping to control seizures
• Inhibiting cancer cell growth 

Daily Dosage Recommendations

If your are looking for increased health benefits for your dog you can safely increase the dosage beyond the above chart. If you choose to increase dosage, we recommend you do so slowly over time (weekly).