3 Reasons Why Hemp Oil Dog Treats are Great for Your Dog

There’s no reason not to try hemp oil for your dog.

Seriously, it’d be silly to try anything potentially harmful. And it’s pointless to give your dog something that doesn’t benefit them. Whether it comes in the form of hemp oil dog treats, biscuits or hemp oil dog spray, there’s no reason not to try it.

3 reasons why hemp oil dog treats are great for your dogNegative consequences are inherent in many of the things we love. Consider diabetes from a lifetime of over-consuming sugar, weight gain from eating too many potato chips or bad breath caused by coffee. Many of these commonly-consumed “vices” are in fact things we love but of which we pay for dearly. When we feed our dogs unhealthy dog treats, we are essentially promoting the same negative consequences. Many large conglomerate dog treat manufacturers produce nothing far from McDonalds for your dog--dog treats made with harmful ingredients that do nothing to help your dog. It’s a waste of your time and money.   

Hemp oil is better than that. It doesn’t come with a host of negative side effects and warnings. It’s a natural plant and the knowledge of its healing properties have been passed down via ancient wisdom for decades. And more recently, backed by science. Hemp oil is pure, clean and supports dog health in every way--from reducing stress to treating dog seizures.

So when considering hemp oil for your dog, remember it’s WORTH IT. Here’s why.

Hemp oil is safe for your dog

As a good dog owner should, you may be wondering whether hemp oil and your dog will mix well. You may be considering all the horror stories you’ve heard--“dogs shouldn’t ingest this, dogs shouldn’t ingest that” and “Reefer Madness.” Or maybe you’re legitimately curious about the honest-to-god side effects, considering most medications have them. These are great concerns.

And research consistently points to hemp oil being beyond safe and actually beneficial for your dog.

So there’s no need to worry--not only is hemp oil safe, it also comes with a host of health benefits. 

Hemp oil will make your dog healthier

The compounds in hemp oil, as well as the method at which it’s extracted, serves to prevent disease and promote overall well-being. Active compounds found in hemp oil, including linoleic acid, omega-3 fatty acids and terpenes make it possess anticancer, anti-inflammatory and anti-allergenic properties. This makeup serves to help with many illnesses and disorders and swing your dog to the other side of good health.

Hemp oil for your dog will help treat, relieve and reduce:

  • Anxiety due to separation, loud noise and travel
  • Hip and joint pain due to Arthritis
  • Elder dog pain
  • Seizures
  • Cancer
  • And More

Hemp oil dog treats will make your dog happier

Hemp oil benefits your dog on the physical, mental and emotional planes and contributes to your dog’s overall happiness.

Disease (dis-EASE) leaves your dog feeling worn out, unenthused, and down. The quality of their life diminishes and they miss out on much of the happiness that living life brings.  

Combating disease is of utmost importance. Moreover, preventing disease from the get-go will eliminate vet trips, headaches and heartaches.

Hemp oil promotes desired well-being and happiness by instilling qualities of calmness, pain relief, appetite revival, and having no psychoactive effects.

Hemp oil is dog love. And hemp oil will become your dog’s favorite.

What We’ve Done

We’ve created the most healthy products for your dogs which include hemp oil and other all-natural health-promoting ingredients in modes that are specially formulated and easy to administer. Our hemp oil dog treats and sprays are made with the highest quality natural ingredients and include dosage recommendations best suited for your dog. It’s because not only we believe, but we know the truth of hemp oil greatness.

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