Can You Give Hemp Oil to Dogs?

Let's back it up a bit because many of you are wondering, "Can I give my dog hemp oil?"

It’s a fair question worthy of discussion. And considering the products we produce, you probably can assume the answer. But to probe further, you may be questioning the entire Hemp Oil Industry. Or you may be wondering how hemp oil affects the body. Or maybe you’re just curious how hemp oil affects dogs.

Can you give hemp oil to dogs? This post breaks it down. So, Can You Give Hemp Oil to Dogs? The short answer is yes. And beyond that, many health professionals, academics and scientists actually recommend it. Some argue that not only you can but you should give hemp oil to dogs. However, it’s important to understand its effects and know the safe dosage for dogs since their body differs in size, mass and chemistry.   The Effects of Hemp Oil Hemp oil affects dogs similarly to how it affects humans. Really, "Can I give my dog hemp oil?" is the same question as, "Can I take hemp oil?" 

Hemp oil can be found in supermarket health departments and is produced in many forms, from pills to pure oil. Humans use it as a supplement to support internal organs or apply it externally to support hair, skin and nails. Similar to other oils--sunflower, olive, grapeseed, etc.--hemp oil (also referred to as “hempseed oil”) is a naturally-occurring oil. It’s used for cooking and contains healthy fats. Just as any other oil, a normal dosage of it promotes health and if used in excess it can begin to cause issues.

Specifically for dogs, hemp oil helps to make their coat shiny and smooth, reduce joint pain from arthritis and combat the symptoms of cancer; and maybe even cancer itself. Hemp oil helps to reduce anxiety from loud noises such as thunder and fireworks, increase a depressed appetite and make sleep long and restful. 

Since hemp oil is high in omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, it’s known for possessing the benefits of increasing immunity and improving cardiovascular health.  

You can read through many of the benefits of hemp oil but here are some other, less known benefits worth giving attention to:

  • Helps lower cholesterol

  • Can be helpful for Diabetics

  • Boosts immunity

  • Helps maintain hormonal balance

  • Protects nerve cells

  • Can help prevent Psoriasis

Hemp Oil Dosage for Dogs Don’t just slather it on. Too much hemp oil can cause diarrhea at worst and a psychoactive high at best. While they’re not the worst side effects, it’s still best to avoid them.

Hemp oil should be treated as any other vitamin or supplement for dogs. A high dosage can lead to issues [too much of a good thing is a bad thing]. So it’s always best to know your dog’s health condition beforehand and give them a dosage well-within the recommended guidelines.

So, How Can You Give Hemp Oil to Dogs? The way in which hemp oil is produced for human consumption should not be assumed to work as well with your dog. It’s not recommended to give your dog the same vitamins and supplements you take. How you give hemp oil to dogs is slightly different than how it's consumed by humans.

So we’ve made it easy for you. We’ve packaged the perfect dosage of hemp oil for dogs and made it flavorful--you and your dog will fall in love! Not only that, we’ve combined other essential all-natural ingredients to target certain ailments and support your dog’s healthy lifestyle.

If you have any more questions, learn more!

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