How to Find the Best CBD Oil for Dogs

Not all CBD oil for dogs products are created equal

finding the best cbd oil for dogsFinding the right products can make the difference between optimizing your dog's health and merely nudging it in the right direction. There are certain things to look for to know you're getting the best possible product. 



Cannabidiol, or CBD, became a household word around 2014 after Dr. Sanjay Gupta, a neurosurgeon and medical celebrity, began touting its benefits on network television. His research revealed significant benefits in preventing seizures in children with epilepsy.

CBD oil is a derivative of both hemp and marijuana plants that now, in 2018, is being applied in other treatments as well, including nausea, anxiety, depression, arthritis and even cancer.

Use of CBD oil for dogs with the same diseases or symptoms as humans is also now common practice among owners and veterinarians. Products that contain CBD oil for dogs began appearing on the shelves of natural food and pet stores almost simultaneously. CBD oil that is used for human consumption is the same as the CBD oil for dogs.

Currently, CBD oil is considered a “dietary supplement” and dozens of manufacturers have emerged over the past five years creating products from pills to sprays. Due to the newness of the industry and relative lack of regulation, there is a wide range in quality products between manufacturers.

Choosing the right brand of CBD oil for dogs may seem complicated, but there are a few key indicators of a reliable, high-quality brand.

Single Source:

CBD is derived from the hemp plant. The amount and quality of CBD oil that can be extracted from any given plant depends on its genetics. Many different strains of hemp exist and some boast particularly high levels of CBD. Strains known to have a high CBD content have names like ACDC, Charoltette’s Web and Cannatonic.

Growers who specialize in high-content CBD strains are often vertically integrated companies, meaning that they grow, extract and manufacture the end product they sell. Vertical integration is often a good indicator of quality as the entire process is kept in-house and the integrity of the company relies on every step.

Growing Conditions:

CBD oil can be derived from the whole hemp plant. Leaves, stems, stalks, roots and seeds all contain some level of CBD oil. The conditions under which hemp plants are grown vary widely and can include a host of herbicides and pesticides. These chemicals, while perhaps increasing volume, can negatively affect not only the quality of the CBD oil itself, but the environment around the plantation. It’s best to choose manufacturers who source their raw material from organic growers.


Techniques for extracting CBD oil from the whole hemp plant also vary widely. One of the most popular and effective methods uses petroleum or naptha. The plant is soaked in these solvents and the CBD oil is leached out. The solvent is then separated from the CBD oil. While effective, these solvents overall can decrease the yield and quality of the CBD oil.

Another effective method for extracting CBD oil is called Super Critical CO2 Extraction. This technique is more costly and requires specialized equipment, but the process is highly effective and uses a safe solvent common to the air we breathe, CO2.

These are just two of the most common techniques for extracting CBD oil from the hemp plant. What is important to trust about the brands you choose is that they strive to source the highest quality ingredients and have high production standards.

End Product:

Quality manufacturers who follow the above guidelines have one final consideration: taste. CBD oil, for all its health benefits, is bitter and medicinal-tasting. No dog would willingly consume straight CBD oil if it were available in a small bowl. Like most medicine for dogs, CBD oil is best disguised in the form of a treat.

Thankfully at least one manufacturer has thought through this entire process from quality product to tasty treat. Colorado Dog Company has a variety of treats containing CBD oil for dogs that are tailored for specific conditions. They are treats your dog will love AND will improve their health, which is the wave of the future.


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