The Greatest Benefits of Hemp Oil for Dogs

The benefits of hemp oil for dogs are great for many reasons

Hemp oil and hemp seeds are especially beneficial for the health of all mammals. There’s an emerging awareness of the benefits of hemp oil for dogs. We can’t deny the importance of having dogs in our lives and it's time we pass the benefits along to them.

benefits of hemp oil for dogsThe criminalization of hemp and the public perception of hemp-as-evil can be pointed to an intersection of private agendas, power and racism in the early 1900s. Industrial hemp production was banned in 1958 and has now made a comeback in most states beginning in 2014.Before the invention of the cotton gin in the early 1800s, most textiles and fibers were derived from hemp. This highly valuable plant thrives without pesticides, is good for the environment and is incredibly useful for the production of an extensive list of fabrics, paper, oils, lubricants, paints and even gasoline.

Besides the production value of hemp, it can also be consumed and has incredible health benefits! Hemp is one of the world’s greatest superfoods. Some argue that hemp is even essential for obtaining optimal health. Hemp seeds and hemp oil have been shown in humans to be very nutritious, help reduce the chance of a heart attack, provide an excellent source of protein and are good for digestion.

The benefits of hemp oil and seeds translate to all mammals, as well. Its compounds interact with the mammalian Endocannabinoid System (ECS), resulting in better functioning of the system that governs a host of cognitive and physiological functions. Not only that, giving hemp to dogs is particularly useful for helping with common issues we encounter as dog owners.

You may be surprised to learn these five great benefits of hemp oil for dogs.

Helps make their coats shiny & soft

Just like other natural oils, hemp oil is good for skin, hair and nails. Filled with essential fatty acids and Linoleic acid, it helps dogs’ coats by making their skin more permeable to water, thus moisturizing and making for lush and smooth hair. It aids in a thicker, smoother coat and can be either topically applied or ingested.

Increases their energy

Poor digestion sucks energy. And hemp oil for dogs keeps their digestion working best. Since hemp oil is an excellent source of soluble and insoluble fiber, it increases their energy as well as helping them maintain a healthy weight. Hemp oil also helps their energy by

  • Promoting good, long restful sleep
  • Improving functioning of bodily systems
  • Excellent source of complete plant-based protein (hemp seeds are 25% protein!)
  • Increases circulation

Alleviates cancer symptoms

Finding the right dog cancer treatment is never easy. And oftentimes it’s more about finding relief in whatever way possible. Hemp oil is guaranteed relief for dogs. Considered a superfood and necessary for optimal health, it improves the immune system and allows the body to function at its best. This results in a lessened likelihood of developing cancer. Since as dog owners we are ultimately in control of our dogs health, we need to act accordingly by providing them the healthiest lifestyle possible, and hemp oil is a great ally for doing so.

Improves their flexibility and mobility

Lesser known benefits of hemp oil for dogs include the way the dog’s body moves--its form and function. This is important for optimal health and can have great impacts on your dog’s overall well-being. Hemp oil benefits dogs by increasing circulation and decreasing aches and pains thus providing much appreciated relief and allowing for freer movement and better vitality.

Improves their mental well-being

Hemp oil benefits dogs by calming their mind and reducing stress and anxiety. Their overall mental well-being could potentially be much better with the use of hemp oil. Just as with humans, stress and anxiety are oftentimes responses that cause more harm than good; they can be debilitating. A relaxed state of mind helps to effectively deal with environmental stressors and results in a happier dog and a better life for the both of you.

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