Labrador Retriever Temperament and Behavior

labrador retriever temperamentAs one of the most popular dog breeds, Labrador Retrievers are well-regarded for their myriad of positive temperament traits. In fact, purebred Labrador Retrievers don’t tend to display any temperament or behavior problems that would generally be considered negative. From work to play, these friendly family dogs are kind, even tempered, intelligent and gentle.

Labrador Retriever Temperament

Just like family man, everyone loves a family dog. And nowadays that is what Labrador Retrievers seem to be known for--wonderful additions to families.

Labrador Retrievers are kind, outgoing, gentle, trusting and even tempered. They aren’t cautious, scared or timid and rather maintain a friendly and reassuring confidence and even keel yet happy attitude. Oftentimes when a family considers getting a dog, they consider a Lab.

Labrador retriever behavior

Whether considered a personality, temperament or disposition, the Labrador Retrievers’ yields exceptional behavior. Without a mean bone in their body, Labs are known to never harm and always do good--essentially their essence. For those looking to own a great dog, this makes them the most surefire breed there is.

labrador retriever temperament agileLabrador Retrievers are excellent at acting on commands such as “fetch.” Due to their great agility, intelligence and eager-to-please attitude, they make incredible working dogs such as for police, search and rescue, hunting, guide or seeing eye, and more. Some consider them to be the best breed to train for service work. Their smiley disposition and eagerness to please makes them substantial additions to any household or work team.

The evolution of Labrador Retriever temperament

labrador retriever behaviorWhere does Labrador Retriever temperament come from? How do individuals within this breed share similar traits of temperament? While it may sound strange, dogs have been bred to meet the needs and desires of humans over the centuries. And as the process of establishing new traits within a population takes time, the temperament of Labrador Retrievers has been bred into them over centuries of changing human needs and desires.

These desires trace back to the 1700’s in Newfoundland, Canada by fisherman utilizing Labrador Retrievers to fetch and return dead fish that had escaped their catch. Fast-forward to today and Labs are one of the most likely breeds to jump in the water after a tennis ball and bring it back to you.

Proliferating as working-dogs, their ability to take and act on commands was unmatched. In the homes of people using Labrador Retrievers for work, they also became recognized as excellent pets and family members due to their uniquely perfect temperament. This fact got picked up on and the popularity of the breed as faithful family companions has spread into surrounding countries and around the world.  

Labrador retriever behavior problems

labrador retriever behavior problemsUnlike many breeds, Labrador Retrievers do not inherently exhibit behavior problems. Since their temperament is kind, gentle and far from standoffish or aggressive, behavior problems tend to be found only among individuals and stem from a poor upbringing. As puppies, environments such as puppy mills or being raised by neglectful caretakers can result in adult Labrador Retrievers with behavior problems.

How to increase your odds of a Labrador Retriever with great temperament

Just as with any dog, you have the best chance at a fresh start with a puppy, as long as you can commit to raising it properly. Raising a puppy right will ensure a great adult dog.

If you’re not up for the commitment and challenge of a puppy, seek out an adult Labrador Retriever that had a great puppyhood. You can find them at rescues or from breeders but just make sure to shop around and interview the dog and its previous handlers before making a decision.

Incidentally, if you are sure to take excellent care of your Labrador Retriever they will more than likely be a great dog. Make sure to provide them with much love and attention as well as actively manage their health including their diet, nutrition and exercise. Doing so will help ensure your Labrador Retriever is at its best!

There’s no doubt that Labrador Retrievers are some of the best dogs in the world and if you follow suggestions and heed the advice, there’s no reason you can’t join the club as a proud and happy owner!


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