Puppy Health: Prevention, Care and Longevity

puppy careThe joy of bringing home a new puppy can be dampened by you worrying about how you’ll possibly care for it. Puppies are, well, babies! And as such, they do require some special care to ensure great puppy health and longevity. Now is your opportunity to start their life off right, namely by focusing overall puppy health care, wellness and prevention.

First off, know what you’re getting into

To the best of your ability, you should be aware of your new puppy’s breed and common health problems you could potentially face in their lifetime. Also, your puppy should first and foremost be checked out by your vet, spayed/neutered as desired, and properly immunized.

Puppy Health

puppy healthFocusing on puppy health is the most surefire way to guarantee a happy and healthy dog with longevity. For the length of puppyhood, dog owners are faced with unique challenges and considerations regarding proper puppy health. Such as with human babies, we can think of puppy health as consisting of three pillars: sleep, diet and exercise. Puppies sleep a lot and during their waking hours it’s our job to step in to help best support them with a proper diet and exercise.

Ideally, before bringing your puppy home, you should already have them well-set-up for proper care including consistent access to clean water, a soft bed, and a plan to ensure the best nutrition and exercise.

It’s true--we are what we eat. And so, one of your first decisions with your new puppy will be how to choose good dog food. After that, it’s highly recommended to consider oils and other supplements. Always go “all-natural”. Also, it’s worth noting that puppies can sometimes have sensitive stomachs and exhibit diarrhea and vomiting more frequently than adult dogs do. This is in part why it’s especially important to craft a diet that supports their gut health.

Just as important as what is consumed, is how that energy is released. Fundamental to puppy health is exercise, and you’ll quickly see they have more energy than older dogs do. Therefore, it’s best to start them off with agility training or another plan for movement that will guarantee consistent energy release and proper exercise.

Hemp oil for puppies

Used among humans throughout history and now gaining popularity for dogs, hemp oil reacts well with the mammalian body and supports dog health in remarkable ways.

Hemp oil is pressed from hemp seeds and is considered a superfood offering maximum health benefits and nutrition. Formed into great tasting treats, hemp biscuits for dogs are an extremely easy way to give your puppy the benefits of hemp oil (i.e. keep your puppy happy and healthy!)

Recommended hemp oil products for puppies

  • Gut health is linked to mental health including happiness, calmness and overall wellbeing. Especially for rambunctious puppies, Thrive Treats offer exactly what’s necessary to obtain optimal gut health.  
  • Zen Spray is the highest quality hemp oil for dogs that you can spray directly onto your puppy’s food. It’s so easy!

Puppy Care

Every puppy is unique but most exhibit some kind of problematic behavior including accidents in the house, destruction, biting, chewing, jumping and whining. They may seem to get into everything and be relentless with their actions. A calm puppy is clearly ideal for many reasons.

CBD for puppies

hemp oil for puppiesCBD, or cannabidiol, is one of the unique compounds of the cannabis plant. It does not produce the psychoactive “high” that the other well-known cannabinoid, THC, produces. CBD reacts with the mammalian endocannabinoid system (ECS) by binding to receptors in the system and essentially help regulate physiological processes that are out-of-balance (everything from sleep to mood).

The positive effects of CBD last longer for dogs than humans and it is especially helpful for managing rambunctious puppy behavior.

CBD dosage for dogs is the same as it is for humans--it depends on body weight. And since there is no danger of overdosing, there is no problem with giving CBD to your puppy. CBD dog treats are probably the most simple and delicious way to administer CBD to your puppy.

Recommended CBD products for puppies

  • For your highly rambunctious puppy, check out CBD Zen Treats.

    Making puppy health a priority will surely assist in your dog’s overall longevity.

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