Treatment for Dog Seizures:
Hemp Oil & Natural Remedies

Finding a Treatment for Dog Seizures because you and Fido deserve a happy & healthy life... 

Dog seizures can be one of the worst things we as dog owners endure. Sitting on our living room carpet, watching the agonizing seizure moments and praying Fido will make it through to the other side. It can be traumatizing.

Luckily, we’re not alone. Dog seizures are one of the most common medical conditions seen in our furry friends. It’s estimated the disease affects up to 4% of dogs. While many factors can cause dog seizures, oftentimes it is idiopathic (meaning no cause can be identified). It is important to consult your vet and understand  the condition your dog is dealing with so that you can better decide which treatment option is best to try. Regardless, you may be overwhelmed when you realize the myriad of treatment options out there. They range in chemical makeup, administration method, price, efficacy and side effects. You’re going to be confronted with the choice between a big pharma prescription medication and a natural or homeopathic remedy.

It is important to know that many vet-recommended prescription medications come with negative side effects. The worst of these effects is a contribution to toxin build-up in your dog’s system. This can exacerbate the seizures and ensure they will last a lifetime rather than offering the best-case possibility.

The use of natural treatments for dog seizures has been shown to promote the cessation of seizures during a dog’s lifetime. There is good evidence that natural remedies can be highly effective for treating dog seizures minus  the side effects. The new trend in dog medicine--hemp oil and other similar products--is really “ancient wisdom” and has been used for centuries. The benefits include reducing pain and anxiety, improving sleep, and increasing appetite. While effective for humans, we've seen this knowledge transfer into an industry for dogs, as well. It’s a thing. With lots of products popping up all over the market, we’re happy to be a part of it here in Colorado.

If you’re wondering if hemp oil is safe for your dog, all anyone can say is that it hasn’t been proven to be unsafe (and isn’t that technically sound science?!). The hemp industry is one that is growing for a reason. It’s unfortunate when people are turned away because these treatment options haven’t been approved by the FDA. Many things haven’t been approved by the FDA for reasons besides health, and we all know that...

The good thing is there are now many great options on the market that serve as a natural treatment for dog seizures. There are some cases in which a traditional vet-recommended prescription medication is necessary. However, since the majority of dog seizures tend to be idiopathic in nature, a homeopathic or non-traditional treatment is often times safer and even more effective. Sometimes treating your dog’s seizures will require you to experiment with a treatment (or combination of treatments) to see what works. Resorting to a vet-recommended solution may not always be in your dog’s best interest.

Colorado Dog Company’s dog hemp oil and related products are specially designed for your dog and have been used by many dog owners to effectively treat dog seizures. These products have been produced because it’s what makes sense. Forget vet appointments, prescriptions and thousands of dollars. Our dog hemp oil and related products are easy-to-administer, tasty, and can serve as an effective treatment for dog seizures at a price you can afford! AND delivered right to your door, with FREE shipping!

Enjoy your day with Fido…

Our offerings are a safe, easy and healthy way to address a variety of common dog ailments. With the opportunity to bring these powerful products to the public, we're excited to take part in your pet's healing journey. Zen Spray, the hemp oil for your dog, now comes in a convenient spray. Order now and see what it can do.

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