Natural Treatments for Asthma in Dogs

common ailments in dogsAsthma in dogs can be treated with hemp oil. This astonishing news is a welcome discovery for a disease that can be difficult to diagnose and even harder to treat. 

Methods of care for asthma in dogs often revolve around management of the symptoms.

Symptoms of asthma in dogs

Panting is a normal response for dogs when either recovering their breath from exercise or cooling themselves from the heat. Labored breathing, coughing or wheezing is not normal and may be a sign of asthma in dogs.

Asthma in dogs is a chronic condition that is potentially life threatening. On a normal day a dog suffering with asthma may experience difficulty breathing. During an asthma attack, a hyper-constriction of air flow passages occurs and can result in outright suffocation. Asthma attacks are scary to witness, much less to experience.

Common treatments

Prescriptions offered by conventional veterinary medicine includes steroids, bronchodilators, antihistamines and anti-inflammatories. Pharmaceuticals can be effective and are often necessary in severe cases of asthma in dogs. However, pharmaceuticals can also be ineffective, expensive and have severe negative side effects.

Alternatively, there are natural tools and methods of care for asthma in dogs outside of prescription drugs. Combined with some modifications to environmental conditions, hemp oil for dogs can be a safe and effective tool for treating asthma in dogs.

The causes of asthma in dogs is not known for certain and there is no known cure. On the other hand, triggers of asthma attacks can be predictable and even preventable. Identifying the environmental conditions that worsen asthma in dogs is crucial.

Triggers of asthma in dogs

asthma in dogs natural treatmentsThe quality of the air we breathe is fundamental to our health and the health of our pets. Smog is not good for anyone. Cities are have higher rates of asthma in both humans and dogs, as we both breathe the same air.

The suburbs and the country, while perhaps a better option for air quality, are not devoid of toxins, either. Pesticides, herbicides and fungicides are sprayed generously by state and county public works and homeowners alike. These agents are particularly harmful for dogs since their noses are tracing the ground much of the day.

Indoor air quality can also contribute to asthma in dogs. Toxic cleaning supplies, aerosol sprays and even carpet can trigger an asthmatic response.

Natural triggers of asthma in dogs include pollen, fungal spores and other allergens your dog may be sensitive to in their everyday environment.

Minimizing natural and unnatural triggers for asthma in dogs is the first step in treating the disease. The next step is incorporating tools that can support the suppression and perhaps complete remission of the condition.

Asthma in dogs natural treatments

The first step, as we mentioned, is minimizing your dog’s contact with natural and unnatural triggers. Forego the wall-to-wall carpeting for a wood or concrete floor and area rugs. Switch from chemical cleaners to a solution of distilled white vinegar and water. Avoid public areas that are heavily sprayed with pesticides, fungicides and herbicides. And eliminate chemical fertilizers from your lawn.

Another simple environmental adjustment known to be helpful for treating bronchial conditions is increasing the humidity in your home by running a humidifier. An air purifier can also be effective.

The next step in treating asthma in dogs naturally are supplements; and the most effective may be hemp oil for dogs.

Cannabis Sativa, the botanical name for hemp, has been widely studied for use in diseases like epilepsy, cancer and arthritis, largely for its anti-inflammatory properties. Studies have also shown that hemp is a natural bronchodilator.  

hemp oil for dogsAsthma is an inflammatory condition. Bronchial constriction is the result of inflamed and irritated air passages and difficulty breathing ensues. Other natural bronchodilators include quercetin, licorice root and mullein, which are used generally in natural medicine for conditions affecting the lungs. Used in conjunction with hemp oil, these supplements can lead to successful treatment of asthma in dogs. 


Hemp oil for dogs, used in combination with other supplements and environmental adjustments,  is the most safe, natural and effective way to treat asthma in dogs.  


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